Who is the Biggest Cloud Service Provider?

Discover who are the biggest players in the world of cloud service providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun), IBM Cloud (formerly SoftLayer), Salesforce Platform (formerly Force.com), Tencent Cloud (f

Who is the Biggest Cloud Service Provider?

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon's cloud computing service, is the world's largest cloud service provider. From its data centers, the company offers more than 200 full-featured services, including computing, storage and databases. Behind the two dominant companies, Google Cloud with 9% and Alibaba Cloud with 6% complete the top four, which together own more than half of the market. IBM Cloud, Salesforce, Tencent Cloud and Oracle Cloud together account for 12%.In the lead is Microsoft, with a 17% market share and an impressive 34% annual growth.

Microsoft continues to gain market share, mainly due to its dominance in the high-growth collaboration segment. Cloud technology allows organizations to scale and adapt quickly. Cloud computing, for example, provides flexibility, data recovery and requires minimal maintenance.With that in mind, we have listed the top 10 cloud service providers in no particular order. Google's cloud platform offers organizations services such as machine learning, data analysis and storage.

The platform includes Google's workspace and cloud infrastructure. A notable feature of Google Cloud is the “no use, no pay” feature.Headquartered in Singapore, Alibaba Cloud, also known as Aliyun, is a subsidiary of the Chinese firm Alibaba Group. It provides organizations with cloud services and is considered to be the largest cloud computing company in China, with operations in 21 regions. Salesforce is an American company headquartered in San Francisco.

It provides a suite of cloud applications and services for organizations, as well as analysis, application development and marketing automation.Salesforce was formed in 1999 and has around 100,000 customers. The software company SAP's cloud platform is a platform-as-a-service developed to create new applications or extend existing applications in a secure cloud computing environment. Founded in 1972, SAP is a German multinational software company that develops business software to manage business operations and customer relationships. It is best known for its enterprise resource planning software.Data compliance is the cornerstone of business operations if you work in industries such as financial services and healthcare.

While migrating to the cloud is an expensive task, more and more companies will realize long-term cost savings if they use best cost-control practices. It's also important to recognize that initial investments in cloud migration and optimization will generate negative ROI in the short term.IaaS is a cloud computing offering in which the provider provides you with on-demand access to computing resources such as networks, storage and servers. According to which, 91% of companies reported using a public cloud service, 72% opted for a private cloud solution and 69% chose a hybrid solution. Because of the popularity that this software was already enjoying, it was obvious to many organizations to follow it to the cloud.According to IDC projections, global spending on public cloud services and infrastructure is expected to double over the next five years.

Find a foothold in the market with services such as Google Workspace and Cisco collaboration applications.Cloud service providers incorporate a great deal of redundancy into their environments to ensure that if a server goes down they don't lose any data or cause downtime for their customers. We use free apps and services every day but we didn't mention where all that data is stored in the cloud. Since most enterprise software spending is still focused on local software solutions SaaS providers are turning to this market to attract companies to a cloud configuration.By supporting mobile access cloud technology gives your employees the ability to securely access your company's systems and data through their mobile devices. Without a large investment the right cloud service provider can quickly offer powerful computing and storage capabilities with integrated analytics to process analyze and find value in your data.Public cloud providers often offer a lot of details along with free trials to get users to commit to their platform giving rise to a multi-billion dollar economy in which many cloud providers compete for an ever-expanding cloud market share.

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